Beth and Kayla’s Life Investigations

It started with two pals talking about art.

A poet (me!), and an illustrator (Beth!). And then, as artists/dreamers tend to do, we got dreamy and decided to investigate life together. By that I mean we wrote down a bunch of topics about people’s lives that we’re curious about over drinks at Gus’s and put each in a hat. Then we came up with a plan.

The plan: Connect with new people and have them choose a topic from our hat to discuss in an informal interview. Then create art from our conversations.

Our art projects:

  1. Collaborative constellations
    Beth Glick hands someone a blank square to draw dots wherever they please. She connects the dots, has them decide what it looks like, and then she does her artist magic to make it real. You can find her collection with #collaborativeconstellations. Like this winky dancing robot she made from Kayla’s dots:CC_Kayla-Berkey-Robot_web
  2. Delite it poems
    Kayla Berkey hands someone the novel Devil in the White City (Renamed Delite it by crossing out some letters). Someone chooses two words on one page, and I cross out most of the other words to build a blackout-type poem, except with color and squiggles. Like this one I made from Beth’s words whistles and joy:Delite (2)
  3. Art from Investigating Life
    Each time we interview someone, we’ll make some additional projects from it. A portrait, comic, poem, photo, collage. Options are as varied as we can imagine.

We’ll post what we make here at

Investigate life and art with us, if you please.


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