Nikita Zook Just Makes Things

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Nikita Zook is an artist in Pittsburgh who recently decided to spend time every day on precise lettering and design for a 100 Days, 100 Quotes challenge on Instagram.

Not only does Nikita share her lovely creations daily on Instagram, but she also reflects candidly about her project’s vulnerability in each picture’s comment section.

“Sharing is probably the best part of this project because it’s really motivating,” Nikita says, reflecting on how many pieces she would have abandoned mid-process if she didn’t have to post something that day.

Follow her at @Just_Make_Things on Instagram.

We talked to Nikita for Beth and Kayla’s Life Investigations about her experience with the night sky and what it’s like to just make things. Here is what we created after our conversation.

Click the images to see full-size versions of our artwork.

Our collaborative pieces:
Nikita chose the words thrumming and sense, and Kayla made it into a poem that you’ll have to to click and follow the lines to read (above left).

Nikita drew dots on a blank page and Beth connected them. Nikita said they looked like a deer, so Beth created a deer constellation around the dots (above right).

Our inspired pieces:
Nikita’s project to make something every day inspired Beth’s drawing of someone breaking through their fears (above left). The red mimics stop-sign thoughts about making art like I hate this and This isn’t ready, but in the middle she’s holding tight to that green glow of inspiration and making things anyways.

Nikita told us about the night sky she saw during her time at the Oregon Extension, and Kayla used some of her descriptions to make a poem (above right).

Nikita’s Artwork
Above are some pieces Nikita created for her 100 Days, 100 Quotes challenge.

Nikita Interview Sketch

by Beth Glick

In-process art:
Sketches Beth made during our conversations (above).




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