Penn Ave Pop-Up Porch Gallery


My friends live conveniently along the walking route of the First Friday Gallery Crawl on Penn Avenue, and they rolled with my idea of creating a pop-up art gallery on their porch for May’s gallery crawl.

We strung lights, hauled old doors I found in my basement, and my artist pal John Lee covered their porch with his colorful Clohn Art.

I set up a typewriter and offered to write poems for people. It was an experimental and slightly overwhelming task, and I typed personalized poems for most of the night.

People helped me craft ideas by describing things like what they keep in their basement or what they see out their bedroom window, and I made them one-draft poems using some of their words.

How charming to dream up a porch gallery and have talented friends who are excited to make it happen with me. How enlivening to connect with new people in a strange, fun way with art–which I’m discovering is an endlessly rewarding way to spend time.

Some Porch Poetry Samples: 


Some porch poem takers:


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