Kira Yeversky Mixes Art & Social Media

945035_10200317521244595_1779516492_n (2)

Kira Yeversky spreads her artistic interests across a wide variety of mediums with projects that include drawing, painting, and writing novels.

One of her recent projects has been writing a three-part novel series that she started one year during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), where she wrote the bulk of the first novel in one month. Lately she’s been creating and posting online fan fiction for the comic Stand Still Stay Silent.

Kira talked with us about social media and how she often finds herself scrolling through Tumblr as a way to wind down from her days. Lately she’s been looking into online live-drawing where others can watch and chat while she draws.

Inspired Artwork:

Beth’s creation (below) is inspired by our discussion with Kira about connecting with people through the internet in all kinds of ways.

Kira_Image001 copy

by Beth Glick


Where Facebook Ends (below)
Kira once walked into her mom’s office and found her scrolling through Kira’s Facebook page in one of those strange moments when you come face-to-face with an internet representation of yourself.  I had some fun writing a Shel Silverstein-inspired poem modeled after “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”


by Kayla Berkey

Collaborative Artwork:

Delite It Poem
For Kayla’s poem (below), Kira chose the words cascade and puzzle.

Kira photo2

by Kayla Berkey


Collaborative Constellation
For Beth’s collaborative constellation (below), Kira saw a stingray in the dots she drew and how Beth connected them, so Beth made it one.


by Beth Glick


Kira’s Art (below)
Here are some of Kira’s colorful images from her Fickr page. She has long, long hair, so it seems fitting that many of her images create interesting shapes with hair.



Beth’s Interview Sketches
Beth’s sketches show some shapes of Kayla and Kira on a couch while we talked.

Kira_sketching002 copy




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