Lisa Alexander’s Poems & Stones

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Lisa Alexander is a poet. She’s a member of the Madwomen in the Attic workshops and a sound engineer for Prosody, WESA’s weekly poetry show. She’s currently working on a manuscript for a book called Throttle Body. Hear some of her poems here.

Lisa describes big concepts with delightful details and a poet’s eye. We talked with her about the ways we talk to ourselves and about outer space and about how some spaces feel like portals into other worlds. Since poetry can be so intangible, she says, it often leads her to read science and history where there can feel like there are some answers.


Inspired Art:

Lisa talked with us about how she uses objects in her poems to try and get at non-objects. She always carries some small stone in her pocket for comfort and calming. Sometimes she carries a top that she spins as a reset when she feels a need for movement.

Because this is amazing, we both made art about it.



Delite It Poem:

Lisa picked the words pressure-related and rate, and Kayla made them into a poem.


Collaborative Constellation: 

Lisa saw a garage in the stars, so Beth created one.



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