The Blog: Definition of Light

People everywhere are creating art, doing positive things, and connecting with the world in interesting ways. They give the city some light. This blog investigates those people and the things that make them tick.

Expect a crisp article profiling an inspiring Pittsburgh artist/maker/creative-thinker every so often.

Also on the blog: the art-filled collaborative project Beth & Kayla’s Life Investigations, plus other creative projects I stumble across around Pittsburgh. 


The Makers: 

IMG_8627Kayla Berkey writes. She is a poet and storyteller, and here are some things about Pittsburgh she likes the best: the 16th Street Bridge, Madwomen in the Attic writing workshops, and how easy it is to stumble across beautiful art and good people. Tweet at her. Wave at her if you see her around. Contact her at alitpitt@gmail.com.





Beth Glick is an artist/illustrator who makes collaboratively-inspired art on Lit Pitt with Beth and Kayla’s Life Investigations. She crafts many whimsical creations, plus she is a pro at improv comedy.





Mikaela Landis is the artist who designed the top of the page. She lives in L.A.now, but she’s most likely all Pittsburgh at heart.





The Social Medias:




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